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A night in

Title: A night in
Rating: PG 13 (if even that)
Genre: Romance
Summary: Jack and Ianto a night in.
Characters: Jack Harkness, Ianto Jones
Word Count: 771
Torchwood and its characters belong to RTD and BBC.
Spoilers: Well, if you've seen Torchwood you don't have to worry. If you haven't seen Rasputin you may have to!

It can be taken as part of “Till the end” (that can befound here: universe. But you don’t have to read that to understand this. This is just romance!

A night in

‘Ok, this one is hot!’ Jack’s greasy finger was pointing to the TV screen. ‘And let me tell you, the man was not hot at all!’ He said and licked the salt off his fingers feeling Ianto’s warmth moving away from him. The man on the screen froze with his arms raised up in the sky while dancing and he turned to see his lover looking at him with a curious smile.

‘You’ve met Rasputin? Grigori Yefimovich Rasputin? Born on 22nd January 1869? Died on 29th December 1916?’

‘Yes….?’ Jack made that sound as a question.

‘Please, tell me you didn’t have sex with him?’

‘What? Of course not! Now if he was that hot, I’d thought about it. Of if he’s wearing a skirt that red! Even though that shirt would look better on you! Or off you! Alas he wasn’t that hot!’ Ianto laughed at Jack’s whine and repetition of words. He returned back in his arms and took the bawl with the chips back on top of him as Jack’s hand found its way inside it.

‘Most people aren’t that hot, Jack.’ He said patiently.

‘I am!’

‘Yes, but you don’t have his voice….’


‘Don’t oi me. It’s the truth!’ How many times had he spent listening to Lisa talking about the man’s voice… he shook his head trying to push all unwanted thought away. He was not going to think of Lisa. Not now! Not with Jack lying on his sofa, his left arm wrapped around Ianto’s waist.

Jack smiled as he pushed a handful of barbeque flavoured potato chips in his mouth. Ianto was starting to forget the dreaded day they had. It was never easy for the younger man to kill. Even if what he had to kill was deadly dangerous. Ianto had saved him from a brutal death that day by killing the alien. Jack tightened his hold about Ianto’s waist just as his lover turned the tv back on and Rasputin’s dance continued in a rather erotic way and Ianto settled more comfortably in his arms. This was what life was supposed to be.

Some time later, Jack didn’t know how much time had passed, the film was almost to its end and Jack’s belly appreciated what they were watching.

‘Now I want chocolate cakes!’ He said as Rasputin was devoured another of the delicious looking little cakes.

‘Jack, you must be joking! You just ate two bags of potato chips.’

‘Yes, I always like something sweet after salty.’ He said with a wink and maneuvered their bodies to achieve his goal. Soon Ianto’s mouth was taken in a passionate kiss. He could taste the chips’ taste on his lover’s mouth and pushed him away.

‘Go brush your teeth.’

‘But I’ m watching the film. And I want chocolate cakes. Or you…’

‘You’re not watching the film; you’re ogling Alan Rickman. We don’t have chocolate cakes and you’re not kissing me until you brush your teeth.’ Ianto said feeling his determination breaking at Jack’s pouting.

‘Hey! I want to see the end!’

‘He dies of poisoning! From the chocolate cakes. Or something!’ He had never quite seen the end before. He was always so tired that he was fallen asleep at the cakes’ scene. He kept the film frozen until Jack came back his breath fresh and minty. The older man sat next to him on the sofa and before Ianto turn the film back on he found his lips being nipped and licked.

‘After the film you’re going to recoup me for not having chocolate cakes…’ Jack said his breath mingling with Ianto’s as he talked without moving his mouth away from the younger man’s.

Ten minutes later the film finished. Jack got up and pulled Ianto with him kissing him in everywhere he could find.

‘You’re right! His voice was indeed better than mine!’

‘Of course it is! He’s half Welsh.’ Ianto gasped.

‘Now let’s move to things I’m better than anyone else…’ Jack said while unbuttoning Ianto’s shirt.

Some hours later, both men were showered and warm under a couple of soft blankets, arms wrapped around each other. Jack kissed Ianto’s red lips and breathed in the man’s scent!

‘Alan Rickman may have the better voice but you still have the better skills!’ Ianto said sleepily.

And I also got you, Jack thought but didn’t say!

In times like these Ianto could forget Jack had killed Lisa.

In times like these Jack could forget Ianto calling him a monster.

In times like these Ianto believed Jack truly loved him.

In times like these Jack thought life was worth living!

Tags: fanfic, jack/ianto, one-shot, torchwood

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